The Vista Theatre

We will be taking over the Vista Theatre in Hollywood at midnight on the first Friday night / Saturday morning of every month from June 2018.

Eventbrite - The Midnight Movie Horror Fest

The Vista Theatre is the stuff of Hollyweird legend, housing many ghosts of its own. Opened just in time for Halloween in 1923, the Vista has seen many celebrity-studded opening galas over the years.

In recent years it has been used as a location for the cult hit movie True Romance and the Pharrell Williams video for “Happy”.  The cinema forecourt features cement handprints and footprints of indie film icons.

Be the latest indie great to screen your movie at the Vista Theatre.


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$500 screening fee

$300 screening fee


Best Grindhouse Feature

Best Exploitation Feature

Best Classic Gore Feature

Best Vampire Feature

Best Ghost Story Feature

Best Torture Porn Feature

Best PsychoDrama Feature

Best Possession Feature

Best Slasher Feature

Best Zombie Feature

Best Haunted House Feature

Best Dystopian Feature

Best Urban Legend Feature

Best Found Footage Feature

Best Grindhouse Short

Best Exploitation Short

Best Classic Gore Short

Best Vampire Short

Best Ghost Story Short

Best Torture Porn Short

Best PsychoDrama Short

Best Possession Short

Best Slasher Short

Best Zombie Short

Best Haunted House Short

Best Dystopian Short

Best Urban Legend Short

Best Found Footage Short